The project

The general idea of the project, as originally envisaged in 2002, is as follows:

The aim of this project is to provide a database of bell ringing methods. The database will serve method data to remote users using a protocol or protocols that enable mainstream ringing applications on a variety of platforms to use them easily.

Use of this service will be free, including use by commercial clients. The source code used to implement the project will be made available gratis to any interested party.

In the design of the database and access mechanism, two principal uses will be kept in mind. The first use will be to provide method information to clients on hosts with a persistent Internet connection, which do not keep a local method collection. The second use will be to provide method information to clients with no persistent Internet connection, which maintain their own local method collection.

It is a goal of this project that the database be as useful as possible to as many users as possible. With this in consideration, the designers and implementors of this project will try to consult various potential users and authorities regarding the optimal design of the database and access protocols. In particular, it is considered desirable to keep the relevant Committees of the Central Council informed of the progress of the project.

Those who have contributed to the design include:

In 2024, the site was completely rewritten in PHP (the original implementation having been in Perl). Files relating to the project, including the database design and this web site, are stored in a Git repository.