Welcome to the online method database at, a collection of methods for change ringing. If you don’t know what change ringing is, you’ll find plenty of information on the Change Ringing Resources website.

What is here?

The point of this web site is to give access to a database. The database lives on and users can get to it through these pages. Computer programs can also access the database directly. In the database are methods; currently, we have all the methods rung, as listed in the Central Council Methods Library. In the future we may also add collections of unrung methods.

So why do we need a new database?

This website was created in 2002. At this time, the Central Council had already made the methods library available online, so why did we bother setting up another web site to give access to the same information?

There were two main reasons why a site like with was needed to provide additional functionality.

Over the subsequent two decades, the Central Council’s methods library has also been converted into a relational database and the need for this site is reduced. However, people are still using it and using software which queries this site for infomation on methods. We want to continue supporting these users, so in 2024, we completely rewrote the site to run on a more modern hosting platform. Hopefully very little functionality will have changed as part of this rewrite.

To search the database, go to the search page. For information on how to use the database from your own computer programs, see the section entitled For Programmers.