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Perl interface

We provide a Perl language interface to the method database. Retrieving methods from the database and getting information about them can be as simple as this:

use Ringing::XML::Library;

my $library = new Ringing::XML::Library;
$methods = $library->query('name=Lincolnshire&fields=title|pn');

foreach ($methods->methods) {
  print "Title: ", $_->title, "\n";
  print "Place notation: ", $_->pn->format, "\n\n";

The modules

There are several modules which fit together to provide everything you need to use the library.

  • Ringing::XML::Library contains the code for connecting to the database and fetching the XML data about the methods. (Documentation)
  • Ringing::XML::Methods interprets method collections in XML. (Documentation)
  • Ringing::XML::Method interprets individual methods in XML. (Documentation)
  • Ringing::PlaceNotation contains routines for manipulating and formatting place notation. (Documentation)

Download the modules

The modules are in two packages.

  • The Ringing::XML::* modules are here. (version 0.01)
  • The Ringing::PlaceNotation module is here.

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